Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 13 – Cabaret

Welcome to another Flashback Friday: Degrassi edition. This is a weekly series where I go over a past episode of Degrassi. This is a review/retrospective and I may spoil some things that happen later in the series so you’ve been warned. If you need a refresher on this episode you can watch it here.


The Degrassi kids are all gearing up for the school’s talent show. But like in all things show business there are problems. Emma and Manny want to do an interpretive dance about endangered panthers (bleh) but they’re struggling to find another member to play the hunter. Toby sees this as a chance to get closer to his crush Emma even though she already has a boyfriend. Toby joins because Emma promises him as the hunter he won’t have to dance, wear a leotard, or really do anything. Everything goes fine until twist a fate causes Manny to hurt her leg. I wonder if this gave Manny ideas for later on in the series.

This means Toby will have to step up and be the panther with Emma in order for the show to go on. Problem is Toby is a terrible dancer. That combined with the fact that Emma’s dance isn’t very good and the end result looks just as bad as you’d expect. Toby only does all of this because he thinks it will win the heart of Emma but it is Sean again who takes it. During their performance Sean tells everyone to shut up and let them dance (very knight in shining armor like) Emma is touched and by this and rewards him with a kiss on the cheek afterwards.  Toby is crushed. I feel for Toby but I also don’t think you should expect a girl to like you just because you do something she likes. This is also the opposite scenario of what usually happens. You always hear about girls changing their likes to please guys not usually the other way around.

The other main act has some problem as well.  Ashley and Terri aka 2 Girls and a Keyboard have been a dynamic duo this season but it is clear that is has always been Ashley who runs the show. Now she is taking control of their duet and not giving Terri any say in the matter. It seems like Ashley is going to run all over her until surprisingly Paige comes to her rescue. I wouldn’t be too proud of Paige. I think she wants to join the group more because she wants attention than because she trying to support Terri.

Paige vs Ashley with Terri caught in the middle has been the relationship between the three of them for a while now. From the events in Eye of the Beholder I assumed that Ashley was the better friend. I still kind of think that since Ashley hasn’t gotten Terri drunk in a attempt to embarrass her. So I’d say that is a big plus. But Ashley is extremely bossy towards Terri. I know Paige is seen more as the mean girl but Ashley has some meanness in her as well.  Ashley and Paige are both so dominant and they both have very strong opinions about how their performance should be done. The key difference is that Ashley seems to just assume her ideas are the best and that Terri will agree because they’re hers. I don’t think Paige assumes everyone will like her idea she just tries very hard to convince everyone to go her way. Paige is more manipulative so I think she has a better ability to read people unlike Ashley. I wouldn’t say Terri turns on Ashley so much as she is slowly finding her own voice. It is just is a little surprising it ends up being against Ashley and not Paige.

gif (43)

Paige and Terri preform the show without Ashley and the look and sound great. At least talent show great. I like how basic all the performances look. I say basic as complement. No Glee style performances just two girls with simple choreography dancing to a generic homemade pop song. After the performance is over Ashley apologizes and all three of them make up to join a new band PMS.  It is nice that they all came together in the end. Friends forever yall.

Extra Extra

That original song Ashley wrote was depressing

Mrs. Kwan is still gone

Liberty love the tux. She really is a fashion icon

The way they kept asking those cards made me think of that episode of Arthur when they all asked that paper for advice.

Tarot cards are dark sided

Image result for dark sided gif

I like Terri’s hair in that dance look.

Who do you think is the worse friend Paige or Ashley?

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