Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 12 – Wannabe

Welcome to another Flashback Friday: Degrassi edition. This is a weekly series where I go over a past episode of Degrassi. This is a review/retrospective and I may spoil some things that happen later in the series so you’ve been warned. If you need a refresher on this episode you can watch it here.

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So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Degrassi episode 12 brings us mean cheerleaders because what high school show is complete without them? It like an unwritten rule for any TV show or movie about high school that cheerleaders have to be mean and stuck up. Do people really have that many bad experiences with cheerleaders?  I didn’t know the cheerleaders at my school very well but they didn’t seem that mean to me. They were very cliquish but everyone is that way in high school. I guess people must have a lot of bad experiences for there to be so many mean cheerleaders stereotypes floating around.

This all starts because Paige wants to start a spirit squad, where she will be the captain of course. So Paige and her token black best friend Hazel set out to convince Degrassi that a spirit squad is exactly what the school needs.  Manny is also uber excited about the spirit squad and very eagerly signs up to join.

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This is the first episode that centers more on Manny. Since Manny ends up being one of the biggest characters on this show it is interesting to see how small a role she played in this first season. It is also nice to see that her first real storyline for the show does not center around a boy. Manny wants to join the spirit squad because she thinks it will be fun and the added popularity she will get doesn’t hurt either. Everything seems fine until Emma, social justice warrior feminazi, Emma (I’m using all those words jokingly if you’re wondering) decides to stomp on Manny’s fun and write an opinion piece over the sexism of cheer leading. Even though Manny is joining the squad Emma thinks the club is sexist and thinks about writing a piece for the school newspaper. She calls off her opinion piece until Manny blows her off to hang with Paige and Hazel.  I understand being upset about your friend hanging with someone else but if you remember Emma and Paige have had a pretty good relationship so far.

I’m not sure where Emma’s sudden disapproval of Paige comes from.  Other than the fact that she is trying to start the spirit squad I don’t see why Emma would feel so strongly. She is right that Paige shouldn’t be trusted but I don’t understand where Emma gets that idea from having so few interactions with her. I can’t believe Emma would go as far to bash her friend she’s known since kindergarten just because of this one incident.  I would think Emma would be able to see that while cheer leading can be degrading to some, for other people it is just fun and it should be left up to women’s (or men’s) personal choices. In a way I kind of understand Emma because when I was younger I was like her. Maybe this is just my experience but when you’re younger and you first really start learning about social issues it all comes at you so strongly. You’re young so you already think you know everything about everything combined that with incomplete knowledge about injustices and you become a bootleg Malcolm X overnight. When you’re young even very complex issues are very black and white so you feel everything intensely. We’ve seen Emma be this way before with her argument with Sean’s brother. But taking it out on her best friend does seem like a bit of stretch even by Emma standards.

Emma has all these thoughts and opinions spinning in that tiny head of hers.  Fortunately Emma finally remembers that Manny is her friend and they apologize after Manny finds out Emma was right all along about Paige being untrustworthy.  I know Emma has been working people nerves. In the comment section for this video every other comment is about her. I agree Emma is annoying and should chill out A LOT but at least she calmed down enough to not let it ruin her friendship.

This also marks the beginning of Paige and Manny’s very tumultuous relationship. It is gonna be a bumpy ride from here.

gif (36)

Extra Extra

“Wannabe” is named after the song by the Spice Girls. Girl Power!

I love how in Degrassi there are never any adults around. They’re starting an entire club without any supervision at all.

Emma started the “what are those” meme.

Why are Emma and Manny walking with no food on their trays?

Nice overalls Liberty

Nice Boots liberty

Why on earth would Toby trust JT with a can worth half a million?

There were way to many turtlenecks in this episode

The sound effects when Manny did that cartwheel and during her confrontation with Paige were over the top and hilarious.

Poor Hazel

“The wonderful world of Photoshop”

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