Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 11 – Friday Night

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It’s Friday!!!

Young Love. This was a pretty light episode of Degrassi. No pedophiles, statuary rape rumors, or drugs. Just a really awkward date and some harmless but not so harmless pranks.  Sean and Emma’s date is cute. Even before the date begins and Emma questions if it is actually a date or if it just a hang session. Luckily Paige is still on her nice streak and helps Emma out again. Paige explains that boys are just simple and Sean asking her to “hang out” is a date, just in bro speak.

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Once they get on the date it turns into one problem after another. Emma get bird poop on her jacket. (At least it wasn’t her hair. That has happen to me before) Sean grosses Emma out with tales from the slaughter house. Emma thinks she loses her wallet and makes Sean dig through the trash for it. Only for her to realize she had it the whole time. It isn’t the greatest date in the world but the next day Sean was still happy. He even asks Emma for their pre date picture. So it all works out for them.

Spinner and Jimmy have a much different Friday night spending it in dentition and then harassing Mrs. Kwan all night. Mrs. Kwan can be very uptight. We’ve already seen this on multiple occasions. But today she is especially crabby.  Being a teacher is hard. It is a job that I believe should only be reserved for elite few who are people lovers and have really good patience. Mrs. Kwan patience is running very thin. I do think she was overacting a bit to her students but everyone has bad days.

Jimmy and Spinner don’t take that excuse and find a series of ways to get back at her. They interrupt her night English class with prank phone calls and random noises blasted through the intercom.  It is all very childish. They end the night by egging her car while proclaiming all the problems they have with her. Mrs. Kwan comes out so see her car egged and breaks down right there. It is a really sad seen. I only seen one teacher cry in my entire life and I felt soooo bad when it happened.  It was also in my English class and my normal teacher had been out sick for a while and they got a replacement teacher who would act a long term sub sort of. The rest of the English class ripped into her from day one for no reason. And one day as she was teaching she  got harassed again and just broke down in front of all of us.

gif (38)

I feel for teachers because it is such a stressful job and kids are such jerks. But even though we find out that Mrs. Kwan is dealing with a sick husband I don’t think that gives her the right to lash out the way she does. She is right about Jimmy and Spinner misbehaving but I think she is overacting a bit. When they find out Mrs. Kwan will be taking a leave of absence to recover Jimmy and Spinner both feel bad. They realize that like Mrs. Kwan they have taken things too far.

Also let me just say that one of the reason I appreciate the old Degrassi so much is they look like kids. On that date Sean and Emma looked like average kid you could find anywhere. Cheap clothes, messy hair, acne. I think that is one of the reason that they are so easy to relate too. Even more “stylish” characters like Paige still look like kids. I miss that about Degrassi. The news kids are little too polished for my taste.

Extra Extra

I still love you Mrs. Kwan.


Who plays dodgeball with only one ball?

“You two may think you’re adorable but that doesn’t mean anyone else does”


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