Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 10 – Rumors and Reputations

You can watch this episode here if you need a refresher.

Stop spreading those rumors around stop spreading the lies.

Sheila the cafeteria lady and Liberty Van Zant the school brainiac have a PR problem. The rumors or I guess truths against Sheila and café are meant to be lighthearted. But that is a very serious accusations to make too. Violating health codes for a school is no joke. Spinner is trying to convince everyone that the school café is infected with bugs because he found one in his food. Even though Spinner is telling the truth no one believes him because Spinner is a goofball who is constantly complaining about the food. So Spinner’s own reputation works against his ability to rightly fully speak out against the café.

Spinner resorts to setting up the café by planting bugs in it to prove his point but his plan backfires. Spinner now has to work in the café for 3 months to pay for the school extermination. Spinner is right that the school needed one before anyway so at least he sort of gets what he wants.

The other rumor that is spread much more quickly is the rumor about Liberty and Coach Armstrong. Emma sees Liberty and Coach Armstrong in class together with his arm around her and Emma immediately thinks the worst. Emma tells Manny and from there the rumor spreads.

Terri overhears Emma

gif (27)

Terri tells Paige and for some reason believes she would keep it a secret

gif (28)

Paige pages (ha) Hazel

gif (29)

Hazel blabs about it on her house phone and Sean overhears

gif (30)

Sean who is heated about this tell Spinner

gif (31)

Spinner tells Jimmy

gif (32)

Jimmy messages Ashley

gif (33)

And then just like that the whole school knows or at least the main cast members know.

The rumor spreads and grows from Liberty and Coach Armstrong flirting to them having sex in his car and spending the night at his house.  It gets out of control very quickly.  Coach Armstrong and Liberty seem to be oblivious about the rumor that is spreading around them.  Until Ashley who doesn’t really even like Liberty asks her about the situation. Ashley is coming from a concerned place but Liberty is so hurt that she runs away embarrassed.

Emma is supposed to be Liberty’s friend so why wouldn’t she just go to her in the first place? Emma is so into herself that she doesn’t even realize that she started this rumor. Even after finding this out she goes to Liberty demanding an explanation as to why Coach Armstrong and Liberty were talking in the first place. Emma is really really unlikable in this episode. It seems like Emma has learned nothing this entire time about minding your own business. Liberty says she was getting help for dyscalculia. Which is like dyslexia but with numbers and that is why she was with Coach Armstrong. Emma wants to know why she didn’t just say that but Emma never even went to Liberty to ask in the first place. She blabbed to Manny before she ever even thought about going to her. Liberty is rightfully pissed at Emma and tells her to stop trying to help out. I think that is a good idea. Emma is one of those people who really wants to do right but sometimes end up making everything worse. She is like a fire fighter who puts out the fires they start.

This is pretty big fire too. Starting a rumor about a teacher and students having a relationship is very serious. That could have ruined Coach Armstrong’s life. I know Emma meant well but I don’t feel bad for her in this situation. In the comment section for this video there were some people saying Terri is really the one at fault here. I can see that point because Emma only told Manny and they kept it between themselves. It was Terri who started spreading it around. However I still think this is Emma fault for not minding her own damn business. Also Terri doesn’t even know Liberty but Emma does. It would have been much easier for Emma to go to Liberty if she was concerned about this than for Terri. So I still feel that the blame lands on Emma.

I think one of the things that caused the rumor to catch on like it did was because it was about Liberty. Liberty has a reputation of being a know it all nerd. Had this rumor been about Paige I don’t think it would have caught fire the way that it did. Because of how everyone perceives Liberty is just added to the shock factor. It also must have been very difficult for Liberty to confess about her problem. It really sucks that she couldn’t even do it on her own terms.

Extra Extra

gif (26)

Emma should have just listened to Liberty and minded her own business.

“Teachers aren’t people they’re…..teachers”

Sheila was right about Spinner

Heyyyyyy Hazel Heyyyyyy

gif (34)

Paige really loves bathroom entrances

Maybe everything that happened with Emma in the first episode has something to do with her reaction here.

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