Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 9 – Coming of Age

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You can watch this episode here if you need a refresher.

Ashley. Ashley. Ashley. I don’t even know where to begin. Ashley has more problems you guys but now it has moved from her family to her boyfriend. Ashley feels suffocated in her relationship. Ashley and Jimmy have been dating for eight months but now their perfect relationship is starting to fall apart. It is Jimmy’s 14th birthday and he wants to celebrate with his girlfriend which shouldn’t be an issue but Ashley feels differently.

Jimmy has been spending a lot of time with Ashley. Eight nights in row at her house and he is with her constantly at school. So Ashley is sick of Jimmy always being in her space. It doesn’t make it any easier that everyone is on Jimmy side. Her parents like him. Toby loves him. Even Paige and Terri see no problem.  Ashley can see how she may be overacting a bit she can’t help but feel smothered by her perfect boyfriend. So naturally she comes to the conclusion to break up with him instead of just talking to him and trying to find a resolution.

I take some issues with this plot. Much like the events in Basketball Dairies it seems to come out of nowhere. I know that it is typical for teenage relationships to end quickly but from the way we saw Ashley and Jimmy act in Mating Game we know they can be quite reasonable. Ashley’s sudden burst of frustration seems random. Maybe dealing with her new gay dad has gotten to her. Whatever the case is I feel like this whole plot is a bit rushed.

Ashley blurts out that she wants to break up with Jimmy while Toby is in the room. Toby is Jimmy’s number one fan so he runs to Jimmy to tell him that their relationship is in danger. I’m not sure what Toby thought was going happen by telling Jimmy. Does he think that telling Jimmy is going to fix their relationship? Toby snitching only makes Jimmy upset which makes for a very crappy birthday of Jimmy spending it alone at his place.

I feel for all of them in this situation. Jimmy parents are M.I.A. most of the time so I see why he likes being around Ashley’s family. Jimmy is good to Toby and hanging with Jimmy makes Toby feel cool. But I understand why spending constant time with someone, even somebody you love can be draining. We all need alone time  every once in a while. This whole problem would have been handle a lot easier it Ashley was just honest with Jimmy about her feelings. I mean if Ashley can be honest about not wanting to have sex with Jimmy I think she should be able to be honest about this too. Luckily after a small spat, Jimmy and Ashley make up and return to being Degrassi’s power couple.

Emma is also dealing with an unwelcome visitor. Her period. Emma gets her very first period in school while wearing a white skirt. I’ll say this right now. I don’t know anything about periods. This is the only show I can think of that has ever talked about them this way. I think especially for young girls it would be good to see these kind of topics discuss more but I think it is still very taboo to a lot of people.

Emma gets her period and is obviously embarrassed because she is not at all prepared for it. Lucky for her, Paige of all people is actually very kind to her and gives her a pad to help deal with her little problem. Emma and Paige even bond with some boob talk. We’ve seen nothing but negativity from Paige so far, so I like that we finally got to see a softer side of her here.

Extra Extra

Actually, I just got my period. For the first time. Menstruation, it happens to about, oh, 50% of the population. Perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

Paige really is a style icon

That guy at the mall was seriously creepy.

I’ve never heard someone be so sad ordering a pizza

“Mr. Raditch, may I have a maxi pad?”

Are there people who don’t like boobs?

“Coming of Age” is named after the song by Damn Yankees. It might also be named after Jay Z’s song of the same name.

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