Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 13 – Cabaret

Welcome to another Flashback Friday: Degrassi edition. This is a weekly series where I go over a past episode of Degrassi. This is a review/retrospective and I may spoil some things that happen later in the series so you’ve been warned. If you need a refresher on this episode you can watch it here.


The Degrassi kids are all gearing up for the school’s talent show. But like in all things show business there are problems. Emma and Manny want to do an interpretive dance about endangered panthers (bleh) but they’re struggling to find another member to play the hunter. Toby sees this as a chance to get closer to his crush Emma even though she already has a boyfriend. Toby joins because Emma promises him as the hunter he won’t have to dance, wear a leotard, or really do anything. Everything goes fine until twist a fate causes Manny to hurt her leg. I wonder if this gave Manny ideas for later on in the series.

This means Toby will have to step up and be the panther with Emma in order for the show to go on. Problem is Toby is a terrible dancer. That combined with the fact that Emma’s dance isn’t very good and the end result looks just as bad as you’d expect. Toby only does all of this because he thinks it will win the heart of Emma but it is Sean again who takes it. During their performance Sean tells everyone to shut up and let them dance (very knight in shining armor like) Emma is touched and by this and rewards him with a kiss on the cheek afterwards.  Toby is crushed. I feel for Toby but I also don’t think you should expect a girl to like you just because you do something she likes. This is also the opposite scenario of what usually happens. You always hear about girls changing their likes to please guys not usually the other way around.

The other main act has some problem as well.  Ashley and Terri aka 2 Girls and a Keyboard have been a dynamic duo this season but it is clear that is has always been Ashley who runs the show. Now she is taking control of their duet and not giving Terri any say in the matter. It seems like Ashley is going to run all over her until surprisingly Paige comes to her rescue. I wouldn’t be too proud of Paige. I think she wants to join the group more because she wants attention than because she trying to support Terri.

Paige vs Ashley with Terri caught in the middle has been the relationship between the three of them for a while now. From the events in Eye of the Beholder I assumed that Ashley was the better friend. I still kind of think that since Ashley hasn’t gotten Terri drunk in a attempt to embarrass her. So I’d say that is a big plus. But Ashley is extremely bossy towards Terri. I know Paige is seen more as the mean girl but Ashley has some meanness in her as well.  Ashley and Paige are both so dominant and they both have very strong opinions about how their performance should be done. The key difference is that Ashley seems to just assume her ideas are the best and that Terri will agree because they’re hers. I don’t think Paige assumes everyone will like her idea she just tries very hard to convince everyone to go her way. Paige is more manipulative so I think she has a better ability to read people unlike Ashley. I wouldn’t say Terri turns on Ashley so much as she is slowly finding her own voice. It is just is a little surprising it ends up being against Ashley and not Paige.

gif (43)

Paige and Terri preform the show without Ashley and the look and sound great. At least talent show great. I like how basic all the performances look. I say basic as complement. No Glee style performances just two girls with simple choreography dancing to a generic homemade pop song. After the performance is over Ashley apologizes and all three of them make up to join a new band PMS.  It is nice that they all came together in the end. Friends forever yall.

Extra Extra

That original song Ashley wrote was depressing

Mrs. Kwan is still gone

Liberty love the tux. She really is a fashion icon

The way they kept asking those cards made me think of that episode of Arthur when they all asked that paper for advice.

Tarot cards are dark sided

Image result for dark sided gif

I like Terri’s hair in that dance look.

Who do you think is the worse friend Paige or Ashley?

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Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 12 – Wannabe

Welcome to another Flashback Friday: Degrassi edition. This is a weekly series where I go over a past episode of Degrassi. This is a review/retrospective and I may spoil some things that happen later in the series so you’ve been warned. If you need a refresher on this episode you can watch it here.

gif (35)

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Degrassi episode 12 brings us mean cheerleaders because what high school show is complete without them? It like an unwritten rule for any TV show or movie about high school that cheerleaders have to be mean and stuck up. Do people really have that many bad experiences with cheerleaders?  I didn’t know the cheerleaders at my school very well but they didn’t seem that mean to me. They were very cliquish but everyone is that way in high school. I guess people must have a lot of bad experiences for there to be so many mean cheerleaders stereotypes floating around.

This all starts because Paige wants to start a spirit squad, where she will be the captain of course. So Paige and her token black best friend Hazel set out to convince Degrassi that a spirit squad is exactly what the school needs.  Manny is also uber excited about the spirit squad and very eagerly signs up to join.

gif (37)

This is the first episode that centers more on Manny. Since Manny ends up being one of the biggest characters on this show it is interesting to see how small a role she played in this first season. It is also nice to see that her first real storyline for the show does not center around a boy. Manny wants to join the spirit squad because she thinks it will be fun and the added popularity she will get doesn’t hurt either. Everything seems fine until Emma, social justice warrior feminazi, Emma (I’m using all those words jokingly if you’re wondering) decides to stomp on Manny’s fun and write an opinion piece over the sexism of cheer leading. Even though Manny is joining the squad Emma thinks the club is sexist and thinks about writing a piece for the school newspaper. She calls off her opinion piece until Manny blows her off to hang with Paige and Hazel.  I understand being upset about your friend hanging with someone else but if you remember Emma and Paige have had a pretty good relationship so far.

I’m not sure where Emma’s sudden disapproval of Paige comes from.  Other than the fact that she is trying to start the spirit squad I don’t see why Emma would feel so strongly. She is right that Paige shouldn’t be trusted but I don’t understand where Emma gets that idea from having so few interactions with her. I can’t believe Emma would go as far to bash her friend she’s known since kindergarten just because of this one incident.  I would think Emma would be able to see that while cheer leading can be degrading to some, for other people it is just fun and it should be left up to women’s (or men’s) personal choices. In a way I kind of understand Emma because when I was younger I was like her. Maybe this is just my experience but when you’re younger and you first really start learning about social issues it all comes at you so strongly. You’re young so you already think you know everything about everything combined that with incomplete knowledge about injustices and you become a bootleg Malcolm X overnight. When you’re young even very complex issues are very black and white so you feel everything intensely. We’ve seen Emma be this way before with her argument with Sean’s brother. But taking it out on her best friend does seem like a bit of stretch even by Emma standards.

Emma has all these thoughts and opinions spinning in that tiny head of hers.  Fortunately Emma finally remembers that Manny is her friend and they apologize after Manny finds out Emma was right all along about Paige being untrustworthy.  I know Emma has been working people nerves. In the comment section for this video every other comment is about her. I agree Emma is annoying and should chill out A LOT but at least she calmed down enough to not let it ruin her friendship.

This also marks the beginning of Paige and Manny’s very tumultuous relationship. It is gonna be a bumpy ride from here.

gif (36)

Extra Extra

“Wannabe” is named after the song by the Spice Girls. Girl Power!

I love how in Degrassi there are never any adults around. They’re starting an entire club without any supervision at all.

Emma started the “what are those” meme.

Why are Emma and Manny walking with no food on their trays?

Nice overalls Liberty

Nice Boots liberty

Why on earth would Toby trust JT with a can worth half a million?

There were way to many turtlenecks in this episode

The sound effects when Manny did that cartwheel and during her confrontation with Paige were over the top and hilarious.

Poor Hazel

“The wonderful world of Photoshop”

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Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 11 – Friday Night

File:Friday night season 1 degrassi emma and sean semma.jpg

It’s Friday!!!

Young Love. This was a pretty light episode of Degrassi. No pedophiles, statuary rape rumors, or drugs. Just a really awkward date and some harmless but not so harmless pranks.  Sean and Emma’s date is cute. Even before the date begins and Emma questions if it is actually a date or if it just a hang session. Luckily Paige is still on her nice streak and helps Emma out again. Paige explains that boys are just simple and Sean asking her to “hang out” is a date, just in bro speak.

gif (39)

Once they get on the date it turns into one problem after another. Emma get bird poop on her jacket. (At least it wasn’t her hair. That has happen to me before) Sean grosses Emma out with tales from the slaughter house. Emma thinks she loses her wallet and makes Sean dig through the trash for it. Only for her to realize she had it the whole time. It isn’t the greatest date in the world but the next day Sean was still happy. He even asks Emma for their pre date picture. So it all works out for them.

Spinner and Jimmy have a much different Friday night spending it in dentition and then harassing Mrs. Kwan all night. Mrs. Kwan can be very uptight. We’ve already seen this on multiple occasions. But today she is especially crabby.  Being a teacher is hard. It is a job that I believe should only be reserved for elite few who are people lovers and have really good patience. Mrs. Kwan patience is running very thin. I do think she was overacting a bit to her students but everyone has bad days.

Jimmy and Spinner don’t take that excuse and find a series of ways to get back at her. They interrupt her night English class with prank phone calls and random noises blasted through the intercom.  It is all very childish. They end the night by egging her car while proclaiming all the problems they have with her. Mrs. Kwan comes out so see her car egged and breaks down right there. It is a really sad seen. I only seen one teacher cry in my entire life and I felt soooo bad when it happened.  It was also in my English class and my normal teacher had been out sick for a while and they got a replacement teacher who would act a long term sub sort of. The rest of the English class ripped into her from day one for no reason. And one day as she was teaching she  got harassed again and just broke down in front of all of us.

gif (38)

I feel for teachers because it is such a stressful job and kids are such jerks. But even though we find out that Mrs. Kwan is dealing with a sick husband I don’t think that gives her the right to lash out the way she does. She is right about Jimmy and Spinner misbehaving but I think she is overacting a bit. When they find out Mrs. Kwan will be taking a leave of absence to recover Jimmy and Spinner both feel bad. They realize that like Mrs. Kwan they have taken things too far.

Also let me just say that one of the reason I appreciate the old Degrassi so much is they look like kids. On that date Sean and Emma looked like average kid you could find anywhere. Cheap clothes, messy hair, acne. I think that is one of the reason that they are so easy to relate too. Even more “stylish” characters like Paige still look like kids. I miss that about Degrassi. The news kids are little too polished for my taste.

Extra Extra

I still love you Mrs. Kwan.


Who plays dodgeball with only one ball?

“You two may think you’re adorable but that doesn’t mean anyone else does”


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Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 10 – Rumors and Reputations

You can watch this episode here if you need a refresher.

Stop spreading those rumors around stop spreading the lies.

Sheila the cafeteria lady and Liberty Van Zant the school brainiac have a PR problem. The rumors or I guess truths against Sheila and café are meant to be lighthearted. But that is a very serious accusations to make too. Violating health codes for a school is no joke. Spinner is trying to convince everyone that the school café is infected with bugs because he found one in his food. Even though Spinner is telling the truth no one believes him because Spinner is a goofball who is constantly complaining about the food. So Spinner’s own reputation works against his ability to rightly fully speak out against the café.

Spinner resorts to setting up the café by planting bugs in it to prove his point but his plan backfires. Spinner now has to work in the café for 3 months to pay for the school extermination. Spinner is right that the school needed one before anyway so at least he sort of gets what he wants.

The other rumor that is spread much more quickly is the rumor about Liberty and Coach Armstrong. Emma sees Liberty and Coach Armstrong in class together with his arm around her and Emma immediately thinks the worst. Emma tells Manny and from there the rumor spreads.

Terri overhears Emma

gif (27)

Terri tells Paige and for some reason believes she would keep it a secret

gif (28)

Paige pages (ha) Hazel

gif (29)

Hazel blabs about it on her house phone and Sean overhears

gif (30)

Sean who is heated about this tell Spinner

gif (31)

Spinner tells Jimmy

gif (32)

Jimmy messages Ashley

gif (33)

And then just like that the whole school knows or at least the main cast members know.

The rumor spreads and grows from Liberty and Coach Armstrong flirting to them having sex in his car and spending the night at his house.  It gets out of control very quickly.  Coach Armstrong and Liberty seem to be oblivious about the rumor that is spreading around them.  Until Ashley who doesn’t really even like Liberty asks her about the situation. Ashley is coming from a concerned place but Liberty is so hurt that she runs away embarrassed.

Emma is supposed to be Liberty’s friend so why wouldn’t she just go to her in the first place? Emma is so into herself that she doesn’t even realize that she started this rumor. Even after finding this out she goes to Liberty demanding an explanation as to why Coach Armstrong and Liberty were talking in the first place. Emma is really really unlikable in this episode. It seems like Emma has learned nothing this entire time about minding your own business. Liberty says she was getting help for dyscalculia. Which is like dyslexia but with numbers and that is why she was with Coach Armstrong. Emma wants to know why she didn’t just say that but Emma never even went to Liberty to ask in the first place. She blabbed to Manny before she ever even thought about going to her. Liberty is rightfully pissed at Emma and tells her to stop trying to help out. I think that is a good idea. Emma is one of those people who really wants to do right but sometimes end up making everything worse. She is like a fire fighter who puts out the fires they start.

This is pretty big fire too. Starting a rumor about a teacher and students having a relationship is very serious. That could have ruined Coach Armstrong’s life. I know Emma meant well but I don’t feel bad for her in this situation. In the comment section for this video there were some people saying Terri is really the one at fault here. I can see that point because Emma only told Manny and they kept it between themselves. It was Terri who started spreading it around. However I still think this is Emma fault for not minding her own damn business. Also Terri doesn’t even know Liberty but Emma does. It would have been much easier for Emma to go to Liberty if she was concerned about this than for Terri. So I still feel that the blame lands on Emma.

I think one of the things that caused the rumor to catch on like it did was because it was about Liberty. Liberty has a reputation of being a know it all nerd. Had this rumor been about Paige I don’t think it would have caught fire the way that it did. Because of how everyone perceives Liberty is just added to the shock factor. It also must have been very difficult for Liberty to confess about her problem. It really sucks that she couldn’t even do it on her own terms.

Extra Extra

gif (26)

Emma should have just listened to Liberty and minded her own business.

“Teachers aren’t people they’re…..teachers”

Sheila was right about Spinner

Heyyyyyy Hazel Heyyyyyy

gif (34)

Paige really loves bathroom entrances

Maybe everything that happened with Emma in the first episode has something to do with her reaction here.

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Be Thankful

In times like this it is very important we find something to be thankful for. This election season has drained everyone emotionally and physically. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving even though times are still tense right now. Please try and take some time for yourself and don’t let anyone including toxic family members get you down. Even if it is only something small I hope there is something in your life that helps put a smile on your face. If you are lucky enough to have a family were there won’t be a lot of tension be very thankful for that. I’m sure there are many that wish they were in your shoes. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.

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A Quick Reminder

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Flashback Friday: Degrassi Season 1 Episode 9 – Coming of Age

gif (25)

You can watch this episode here if you need a refresher.

Ashley. Ashley. Ashley. I don’t even know where to begin. Ashley has more problems you guys but now it has moved from her family to her boyfriend. Ashley feels suffocated in her relationship. Ashley and Jimmy have been dating for eight months but now their perfect relationship is starting to fall apart. It is Jimmy’s 14th birthday and he wants to celebrate with his girlfriend which shouldn’t be an issue but Ashley feels differently.

Jimmy has been spending a lot of time with Ashley. Eight nights in row at her house and he is with her constantly at school. So Ashley is sick of Jimmy always being in her space. It doesn’t make it any easier that everyone is on Jimmy side. Her parents like him. Toby loves him. Even Paige and Terri see no problem.  Ashley can see how she may be overacting a bit she can’t help but feel smothered by her perfect boyfriend. So naturally she comes to the conclusion to break up with him instead of just talking to him and trying to find a resolution.

I take some issues with this plot. Much like the events in Basketball Dairies it seems to come out of nowhere. I know that it is typical for teenage relationships to end quickly but from the way we saw Ashley and Jimmy act in Mating Game we know they can be quite reasonable. Ashley’s sudden burst of frustration seems random. Maybe dealing with her new gay dad has gotten to her. Whatever the case is I feel like this whole plot is a bit rushed.

Ashley blurts out that she wants to break up with Jimmy while Toby is in the room. Toby is Jimmy’s number one fan so he runs to Jimmy to tell him that their relationship is in danger. I’m not sure what Toby thought was going happen by telling Jimmy. Does he think that telling Jimmy is going to fix their relationship? Toby snitching only makes Jimmy upset which makes for a very crappy birthday of Jimmy spending it alone at his place.

I feel for all of them in this situation. Jimmy parents are M.I.A. most of the time so I see why he likes being around Ashley’s family. Jimmy is good to Toby and hanging with Jimmy makes Toby feel cool. But I understand why spending constant time with someone, even somebody you love can be draining. We all need alone time  every once in a while. This whole problem would have been handle a lot easier it Ashley was just honest with Jimmy about her feelings. I mean if Ashley can be honest about not wanting to have sex with Jimmy I think she should be able to be honest about this too. Luckily after a small spat, Jimmy and Ashley make up and return to being Degrassi’s power couple.

Emma is also dealing with an unwelcome visitor. Her period. Emma gets her very first period in school while wearing a white skirt. I’ll say this right now. I don’t know anything about periods. This is the only show I can think of that has ever talked about them this way. I think especially for young girls it would be good to see these kind of topics discuss more but I think it is still very taboo to a lot of people.

Emma gets her period and is obviously embarrassed because she is not at all prepared for it. Lucky for her, Paige of all people is actually very kind to her and gives her a pad to help deal with her little problem. Emma and Paige even bond with some boob talk. We’ve seen nothing but negativity from Paige so far, so I like that we finally got to see a softer side of her here.

Extra Extra

Actually, I just got my period. For the first time. Menstruation, it happens to about, oh, 50% of the population. Perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

Paige really is a style icon

That guy at the mall was seriously creepy.

I’ve never heard someone be so sad ordering a pizza

“Mr. Raditch, may I have a maxi pad?”

Are there people who don’t like boobs?

“Coming of Age” is named after the song by Damn Yankees. It might also be named after Jay Z’s song of the same name.

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